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Julianne Moore is rumored to play President Coin in Mockingjay! (x) (x)

"We’ve heard casting rumors concerning Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 over the past several months, but this is the strongest and most reliable murmur yet. In addition, it’s the first time we’re hearing about a particular actress for the role of Coin.

A tweet from one of THR’s writers this morning indicated that Jodie Foster was previously approached for the part.”

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Closing my eyes doesn’t help. Fire burns brighter in the darkness.

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the mockingjay

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“Katniss,” Gale says softly. I recognize that voice. It’s the same one he uses to approach wounded animals before he delivers a deathblow. I Instinctively raise my hand to block his words but he catches it and holds on tightly. “Don’t,” I whisper. But Gale is not one to keep secrets from me. “Katniss, There is no District Twelve.”

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“There’s still time. You should sleep.” 

Unresisting, he lies back down, but just stares at the needle on one of the dials as it twitches from side to side. Slowly, as I would with a wounded animal, my hand stretches out and brushes a wave of hair from his forehead. He freezes at my touch, but doesn’t recoil. So I continue to gently smooth back his hair. It’s the first time I have voluntarily touched him since the last arena.

“You’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real,” he whispers.

“Real,” I answer. It seems to require more explanation.
“Because that’s what you and I do. Protect each other.”

 After a minute or so, he drifts off to sleep.

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Peeta trying to invite Katniss to his party but she tries to run away.

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the girl on fire

the girl on fire

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